I highly recommend Graham Before I meet Graham I was in all sorts of difficultly with my teeth I couldn't wear Acrylic so went for a metal chrome denture instead, After getting into trouble with these I had a consultation with Graham who sorted my problem out and made me smile again, many months after I decided to get a new denture so returned to Graham for advice he told me about the New Ultaire AKP after careful consideration I decided to go for this And I must say its the best thing I have ever done I'm so happy with my new denture I cant express enough that they really do feel like your own teeth I was more than happy with the chrome ones I had before and never would of thought that anything could beat them But I was wrong the Ultaire is by far the best I thank Graham so much and not forgetting Jane whos extremely lovely and makes you feel very welcome. If you need any advice whatsoever you certainly need to go and see Graham.

Mrs S Cook