NitrAdine pack of 20 tablets


Pack of 20 Tablets

NitrAdine Tablets are not to be taken orally

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Most removable dental appliances (dentures) are made from porous materials in which opportunistic and pathogenic micro-organisms (fungi, bacteria and viruses) infiltrate, attach and form bio-film, a 3-dimensional protective matrix in which they build-up. Especially, Candida albicans penetrates deeply the pores and cracks of the dental appliance. Also other pathological micro-organisms such as pseudomonas St mutans, St aureus (inc MRSA), aeruginosa and herpes simplex can attach and colonise the appliance which leads to painful irritation of the oral cavity (denture stomatitis).

Elderly, diabetic, transplant and cancer therapy patients wearing contaminated appliances can develop serious systemic infection of the upper airways. For example, oropharyngeal cadidiasis is observed in 75% of denture wearing patients in nursing homes. Also the lungs, heart and kidneys can become infected which in some cases can lead to organ failure.

Clinical trials have shown that NitrAdine tablets result in a 99.995% bio-film reduction Bacteria)

NitrAdine Tablets are not to be taken orally

Suitable for flexible dentures