Professional Denture Cleaning Tablets


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Our professional effervescent denture cleanser tablets are simple, efficient and easy to use. The combination of the active ingredients removes plaque, impurities, food remains, nicotine, tea, coffee and other stains.

Brushing your denture alone, is not as effective as a combination of soaking the denture in the effervescent tablets before brushing. By simply brushing, it is easy not to spend enough time cleaning and it is also difficult to clean the hard to reach places which in turn creates nesting places for bacterial growth. By brushing your denture with our NitrAdine shine toothpaste and soaking your denture in a special solution, you will be assured of giving yourself the best denture hygiene possible.

Are you a NitrAdine user? Combine the daily cleaning tablets with a treatment of NitrAdine for the ultimate protection.